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Official Genealogy Poster by the Osmotheque and Société Francaise des Parfumeurs – $45

Book “Once Upon a Time… Perfume” (only 95 left, cannot be reprinted) – $175

  • By Annick Le Guérer and Osmotheque, Ed. Garde-Temps, 131 pages, 2009
  • including 12 scratch-and-sniff’s of historical mostly discontinued formulations and perfumes:
  • Shocking by Schiaparelli and Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez
  • Parfum Royal, a fragrance created for a Persian king
  • Ode by Guerlain and of course Chanel No 5

Binder “Official Fragrance Classification and Terminology, including Family Categories” (bilingual, English and French) – $75

  • Only independent and non-commercial fragrance classification by recognized perfumers, Societe Francaise des Parfumeurs, Osmotheque, Comité Francais du Parfum, Edition June 2010.  Book “Rare Perfumes” – $65
  • By Sabine Chabbert & Laurence Férat. Foreword by Patricia de Nicolaï, president of the Osmothèque. Eds Terre Bleue, 152 pages, 2014, more than 300 photos.
  • Rare Perfumes presents the leaders in the new world of fragrance: rare by their personalities, rare by their choices, rare because their distribution is highly selective, and rare by their talent.
  • Take a look inside here: